Bridging Residents And Communities

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Southbridge CDC introduces Southbridge Connects
the Catalyst for Our Future Powered By The Community!

Southbridge Community Development Corporation is championing the mission…Southbridge Connects! Southbridge Connects’ mission is a commitment to actively involve neighborhood residents and organizations in leadership and self-sufficient community service. Southbridge Connects empowers local ownership, collaborates for sustainable growth, and holistic well-being. With proper attention and development, Southbridge will flourish into a remarkable and enviable community.

Join us in creating a future where the community thrives!

our mission

To create and support the local ownership of land, labor and capital in the community of Southbridge

We believe in...

SBCDC About Community Empowerment

Community Empowerment

Southbridge Connects empowers the community by actively involving residents and organizational principals in leadership and community service, ensuring a shared sense of ownership and impact.

SBCDC About Local Ownership

Local Ownership

Southbridge Connects is committed to creating local ownership of land, labor, and capital, highlighting Southbridge Connects’ dedication to self-sustained growth within the community.

SBCDC Holistic Well Being

Holistic Well-Being

Southbridge Connects takes a comprehensive approach to well-being, focusing on health, housing, life sustaining work, reliable transportation, lifelong learning, and community unity and advocacy.

Join the SBCDC Renewal Movement

Dive into the heart of this transformative journey! Southbridge CDC is shaping our community in the spirit of unity and with a focus on development. Southbridge CDC invites you to share your thoughts, collaborate on initiatives, pool your resources, and learn more about our efforts. Let us connect and create a better Southbridge!